Kids Bee Happy - New Joiners FAQ’s

What is direct sales? Is this something I can do? How do I get started? If this is a new venture for you then making the decision to go for it can be daunting. But don’t worry, we’ve answered all these questions before and have collected our answers below to help put you at ease.

Is there an investment or Start up cost?

Like all businesses, there will be a cost involved in starting your Kids Bee Happy business. But what we like to do is put you in control so you can start up with whatever budget feels appropriate. There are no minimum order levels and no monthly targets.

We do have some Easy Order packs to help you at the beginning which include all the materials and equipment that you need to get out there and start selling immediately. The cost begins at £55 +VAT and from this you should be able to generate a sales income of £100 or more.

However, if you’ve not seen or experienced sand art before we recommend that you buy a smaller amount. Have a friends and family session where you let the children try out the sand art, then talk about the events and places you could take it in your area.

Why is Kids Bee Happy Different?

With other direct sales businesses, the amount of money you can make is restricted by the discount that you get from the retail price. For most agents in most other businesses this will be 20-30% - with only leaders getting higher rates as their team expands.

Kids Bee Happy is different because you buy at a genuine wholesale price (the same as our corporate customers pay) and you are free to set the sales price at whatever level you wish. Follow our guidelines and on average you will make around 50% profit.

And that is achievable from day one, for all of our consultants.

What are the costs of adding more stock?

When you register as a consultant with Kids Bee Happy, you instantly have access to all our wholesale prices. As a guide the cost of a picture, the sand and the other elements that are needed to make an A4 picture at an activity event is approximately £1.60.

We would recommend that you sell this on for £4-5 (although you are free to set your own sales prices). You will then have plenty of room to cover those additional expenses.

We also sell stock in small batches so that you can buy as you need and slowly build your supplies rather than having to invest big amounts upfront.

Are there any other costs of fees that I have to pay?

All of the prices on the Kids Bee Happy website are exclusive of VAT. That is because we are selling to you as a business instead of a consumer. VAT is currently 20%.

Delivery charges for mainland UK go from £4 to free depending on the value of your order.

There are no fees for marketing or having a website.

Are there any geographical restrictions?

No. Kids Bee Happy is still a relatively small company so we don’t have any issues with over-subscription. As the company grows, a few years down the line, we will monitor and restrict new signups to ensure that an area doesn’t become overpopulated.

You can operate your business anywhere in the UK and ROI. There are no restrictions or geographical territories, regions or boundaries.

Am I expected to recruit new team members?

No. Infact if your passion is team building rather than running a Kids Bee Happy business, we would recommend that you look for another opportunity. Unlike other direct sales companies, the majority of your Kids Bee Happy revenue will come from events, workshops, parties and product sales.

But What if I really want to team build?

We will help you to do so. But first you’ll need to build your own stable business, providing a solid base on which to guide and mentor others in their own ventures. Leaders earn a bonus as remuneration for the time that they spend managing and supporting their teams and we invest in our leaders with training at a special team weekend in January each year.

What do I do next?

Sign up as a consultant! If you haven’t been introduced by a specific person we will slot you into the team closest to you, with a leader who will make contact to discuss how we can help get your business up and running, and how we can best support you.


Take the first step and sign up as an independent consultant today. In just a few minutes you’ll be on your way.


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