KBH Membership

Kids Bee Happy Consultants Agreement

Schedule B – Operating Rules (1/11/2019)


As a Kids Bee Happy consultant, you agree to run your business in accordance with the following trading requirements.

1.      The overarching requirement -

a.      Customers should never be in a situation where they are confused as to what products are Kids Bee Happy activities and products, and/or if they are buying from an authorised Kids Bee Happy Consultant.

b.      This requirement is specified as an overarching requirement to avoid the situation where people abide by the letter but not the spirit of these requirements.

c.       This requirement is needed to protect the value of the brand, and therefore the value, standing and reputation of all consultants trading under the Kids Bee Happy brand – it is in everyone’s detriment if a consultant devalues the brand by mixing and selling non KBH products, services and offerings, alongside KBH approved products, services, and activities. 

d.      Marketing materials, digital and offline, should be approved by HO before use.


2.      Branding –

a.      When booking into events, you should note clearly for the organiser that you are a Kids Bee Happy consultant.

b.      Your KBH facebook/social media profiles / page (and/or other digital or online selling profiles) should state clearly that you are a Kids Bee Happy consultant, your full name, and email or mobile, so that customers are always fully informed of who they are talking and transacting with.

c.       You should never use the KBH branding on any products, marketing, advertising, online pages or any other materials, online or offline, unless it relates in its entirety to Kids Bee Happy and HO have approved its use.


3.      Mixing Products and Other Business –

a.      If you are selling KBH products online this should be done preferably from a KBH social media page or profile.

b.      You cannot use KBH logos, images, videos, or graphics created by KBH HO or other team members on non KBH pages.

c.       You cannot sell non KBH products from the same stand/table/stall as non KBH products

d.      It should always be clear when you are selling KBH products that you are doing so in your role as a KBH Consultant.

e.      Online or social media raffles are illegal, we do not condone the use of raffles except where offline and properly licensed with local authorities.


4.      Take Home Packs –

a.      Every take home pack must be appropriately prepared and include toy safety labels that are visible from the outside.

b.      You may sell packs directly to customers, or to business customers who sell or give them to their customers.

c.       The KBH pack must never be “disassembled” to be included in Hampers or other bundled or grouped products sold by other businesses.  It must be clear that the KBH takehome pack is a “pack within a pack”.

d.      Non KBH products should NEVER be included in the same packaging as KBH Products.  For the purposes of Hampers etc the KBH product must be a complete, self contained product with a Toy Safety sticker on separate packaging, within any bigger product, packaging, or wrapping.

e.      PLEASE don’t use cellophane to bundle products – customers don’t like it and it is completely non-recyclable and damaging to the environment.


5.      Events -

a.      When booking into events you should always book in as a Kids Bee Happy consultant and check that no other KBH consultant is attending the event.

b.      When booking into events, you should always approach the organiser as a children’s activities or entertainment provider.  You should avoid using the words “stall” and “stallholder” and you should always ensure that you approach organisers on a “nil cost” basis before you agree to stall fees.  (If unsure talk to your leader, as it is company policy that as activity organisers and entertainment,  you should not be treated on the same basis as someone selling handbags or facecream.)


6.      Competing products -

a.      We acknowledge that in some instances Consultants may have existing businesses or be crafters with a wider product range, that they wish to do alongside KBH, and KBH has no wish to prevent this, or to “demand” that you cease those activities.

b.      What we do require though is that when you are trading as a Kids Bee Happy Consultant, you exclusively use KBH Products advertised, marketed and sold in compliance with these requirements, with absolutely no cross over between KBH and any other business activities you may have. 


7.      Working with other businesses -

a.      You may sell your products to other businesses.

b.      These other businesses may choose to combine KBH products with other products for their own sales purposes.

c.       Kids Bee Happy products must always be sold in an entire sealed pack with safety labels readable from the outside.

d.      Kids Bee Happy products must never be disassembled by the business you are selling to.

e.      You have a personal responsibility to ensure that the business reselling is doing so in manner that is legally compliant with toy safety and trading standards, and environmental health.  For example if the reseller is including food products you know that food safety ingredient and allergy labelling should be used – if it is not being used you must not allow the reseller to sell your KBH products. 

f.        You have a personal responsibility to ensure that the KBH products are being resold in compliance with Disney license (eg no freebies, prizes, competitions, raffles etc) and not sold to a unlicensed mascot business.

g.      You have a personal responsibility to ensure that the KBH products are being sold in a way that maintains and protects the good standing of the KBH brand. 

h.      You may be asked to stop selling to a business if that business is selling or marketing KBH products in a manner that is not mutually supportive and beneficial of the brand and other consultants.


8.      Mutually supportive -

a.      Do not “claim territory” in your business name.  Kids Bee Happy does not do territories, all consultants are freely available to work in all areas, so please ensure your business name reflects this.  You cannot have a KBH business than that incorporates a town, region, country, island etc.

b.      We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of the mutually supportive clause in the consultant agreement.  As an organisation we aim to empower, support and uplift each other in business, and this specifically excludes consistent targeted under cutting, and any running down of any other consultant or their business. 

c.       We take this opportunity to reinforce section (1) and the principle of the overarching requirement, which overrides any particular detail of any other guidelines.

d.      If you are aware of any situations you feel are covered by 8(a) Please report these to warehouse@kidsbeehappy.com