2019 New Summer Ovals - 9 Designs

Discover our New range of 2019 Summer Ovals

12cm Ideal for outdoor summer events, and designed so that the children will want to come back and do another one.

  • OV024 - Unicorn
  • OV025 -  Hot Air Balloon
  • OV026 - Dinosaur
  • OV027 - Pegasus Flying Horse
  • OV028 - Little Monster
  • OV029 - Dragon
  • OV030 - Knight
  • OV031 - Flamingo
  • OV032 - Wizard

Please note that these Ovals maybe sold in bundles of 10 with 2m of ribbon rather than sealed packets.

Each pack earns you 7 points per pack of 10. 

We recommend that you sell these at £2-£2.50 per oval. 

Stocks are limited, and we expect them to sell fast, so if you are booking themed events based on these products please ensure that you purchase stocks now rather than leaving til last minute.