50 Elf Pack - ONLY £10!!!

What could you do with 50 Elfs?

- A christmas party for your kids friends?

- Send them out to your family instead of Christmas cards?

- Colour them and hang them all over the office as Christmas Decoration?

- Give them away free in a local community event for marketing opportunities?

Well its over to you.  Our warehouse is overrun with the wee-critters so we're putting them on offer at the magical price of 20 pence each - what a bargain?!


£10 - that's cheaper than a tiny advert in our local newsletter - and I bet I can get more customers off it.


£10 - that's cheaper than boosting a facebook post, and I know that 50 happy customers will definitely generate me more long term sales than a picture would on facebook.

(Cute kid not included)