Blackpool Conference 2019

Your 2019 Blackpool Conference Day Ticket ONLY


The 2019 Conference will be on Saturday 12th October 2019 at the Village Hotel Blackpool - Starting at 9.30AM


If you are enjoying your Kids Bee Happy business and ready to do more with it than just the odd weekend events, then come along to conference where we will inspire you, motivate you and skill you up,  Meet company founders, leaders, talk to team members who have already on the business journey.  Kids Bee Happy isn't like the rest of those network marketing companies, with conventions full of sparkly people clapping all day, the Kids Bee Happy conference is about real people making real businesses, and taking a day out of their year to do it all together.


Conference is an absolute must if you:

- Want to earn more than £200pw with your Kids Bee Happy business

- Want to develop your Leadership skills

- Want to grab life and just get on with it, instead of worrying about what you should be doing.

- Want to be a Team Leader

More details available Soon.


The conference this year is in one of the UK's most family friendly cities, in the most family friendly time of the year.  Come for Conference, and stay on and enjoy the attractions and of course the famous Blackpool Lights.  Both conference and the accomodation is at the Village Hotel Blackpool, a large modern hotel, with 2 swimming pools, and plenty of space for the whole family.  So this year you don't have to leave the family behind, bring them along and make a family break of it.

We have a number Triple rooms, and Double Double rooms (rooms with 2 double beds) reserved for families, so make sure you get in quick and reserve your rooms.