Commercial Sand Art Set Package Incl Materials

It's BACK!!!!

Our ever popular Spring Sale Payment Plan.  And it's starting early so you can ask Santa for a contribution for Christmas.


Commercial Sand Art Pack

Our Commercial Sand Art tables are designed for you.  And by "you" we're making the bold assumption that the vast majority of our consultants aren't tall big strong men (but they also work well for big strong men too!).

Designed to be easy to lift, easy to carry and easy to load and unload, the lightness of the material along with the combined strength makes them perfect (although they look so simple).


The commercial Sand Art equipment is available in a Pack (with a starter stock of materials) and also as a Tables only variation for those who have been trading for a while.  

  • Two tables means that you can separate them a little, creating more space for the children to move around in.  This enables more children to simultaneously make pictures.  Which is great for busy venues and event.
  • The Screw on legs mean that the tables assemble and dismantle very easily in a couple of minutes.  
  • Individual "leg in each corner" style also makes them ideal for outside events where the ground is rarely flat.
  • The Flat table tops are made of Foamex, which is a commercial plastic that is light but also very strong
  • The tables have a slight flex in them, which means if they tables are jogged by a pram, child etc, that they just "give" a little bit rather than tipping over.
  • Easy to stack, carry and store.
  • The rectangular table also tops mean that everything fits easily into the boot of a car.  
  • Silver bowls simply lift out at the end of the event, or if you want to have a break in the middle of the day.

-2 Tables, with 6 bowls each (drop in lift out bowls)
-Screw Legs, easy and quick to remove
-12 Bowls

Table Dimensions

Each Table top is 112cm x 60cm - this size fits easily width wise into most cars boots, and always fits along the back of the front seats.  EVEN Yvonne's smart car!

- 12 Spoons

- 12kg of Sand, 1x1kg of 12 colours

- 100 Kids Bee Happy Pictures - mix from general range
- 1 Pack of A4 Sleeves
- 1 Pack of Hooks
- 2 Bags of Sticks

Extra Freedbies included in Sale package (First orders placed before 29th Feb 2020)

- 100 Mixed New Style Disney pictures

- 100 extra sleeves

Colours and Delivery

After ordering the warehouse will contact you to advise you what colours are in stock and to find out your colour preference.  The body of the table is 10mm white foamex, finished with a colour vinyl top - although this is a flexible material it is very strong and bears significant weight. The flexibility in the tables means that when children/buggies etc bump into the tables they give a wobble rather than staying rigid, absorbing the impact and not tipping.  It also means that you can gently maneauve the legs to cope with situations where the tables are on grass rather than a perfelctly flat surface.  These tables are used year after year at our holiday park customers, where they are in pretty much constant use.  They look simple, but have been commissioned from a plastics manufacturer who produces retail fitting and furniture, and have been designed for purpose.  They are incredibly resiliant.


Split Payment Option - How it works.

The order can be split into 4 payments,  of £120.   When you have made 2 payments you can request that the materials elements are posted out, giving you a head start on cashflow.  Tables are made, allocated and ordered on the first installment, so this non refundable.  

The first installment must be placed before 28 February to qualify for extra freebies.  The remaining installments may be paid at any time during 2020 at whatever pace suits you. You can make all 4 payments in one month (or even 1 order if you prefer) or you can spread them all the way through to December 2020.