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iheart Program - Mental Health and Wellbeing support for Young People

What is iheart principles?

To see what iheart is all about - check out this very short video which introduces the major theme of the course - where our feelings come from;


This program is very much designed for every young person, its about eduction and understanding that gives a deep and long lasting impact (rather than a box of tricks and techniques that don't work for many people.)

Through the course we explore themes such as overthinking, friendships, worrying about the future, breaking bad habbits, feeling judged, bullying, addictions to gaming or social media, or junk food, and more.

The course consists of 11 sessions, these are best when run twice a week, at 6pm.

The dates of the classes are:

  1. Monday 8th Feb
  2. Thurs 11th Feb
  3. Mon 15th Feb
  4. Thurs 18th Feb
  5. Mon 22nd Feb
  6. Thurs 25th Feb
  7. Mon 1st March
  8. Thurs 4th March
  9. Mon 8th March
  10. Thurs 11th March
  11. Mon 15th March

If this is your teatime - then don't worry, we are happy for you to bring your tea, or to set us up at the kitchen table.

We haven't chosen earlier because of the mix of children at home and others of key workers still at school.  We haven't chosen later as we know kids like their downtime in the evening.

Each session will be about 45 minutes.  And will involve activities and games, and videos as well as some teaching.  

iheart Principles is taught in schools across the world, commended by Ofsted and endorsed by Education Scotland - iheart is a proven and trusted program to help young people uncover their mental health and wellbeing.

To hear from the children about their own experiences of iheart check out this video:


Parents are invited to join all sessions with their children.

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