New Joiner Packs

This pack is ideal for people who are just starting out, or for groups and organisations that think Sand Art will be perfect for you.  It includes all you need to make 80 Oval Sand Art pictures:

  • 1 pack of 10 of eight different Designs of Christmas oval pictures.
  • Pack of 10 Sand Bottles
  • 1 Bag of Sticks
  • 1 Pack of Book a Party Flyers
  • 1 Roll of KBH Stickers

This pack includes everything that you need to make £70-£100 profit.    And delivery of £5 is payable on orders Upto £100 (net of VAT and £3 for £100-200), So the Total Price is £72.00.
This simple product can easily put ££ cash into your pocket.

And the best bit of all, is that this product carries 80 points making you instantly active, and qualifies you for your first month on Quickstart.

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