OVAL-101 The Ovals Instant Active Pack

Oval  Decorations, punched with a hole and with Ribbon to hang.  12cm Tall.  Sold in Bags/packs of 10, all same design, with ribbons for hanging.
These decorations have been designed to be nice and easy for a quick throughput of children during busy events.   The collection of pictures includes 8, encouraging the children to make lots.

XMAS Christmas Decoration Easy Order Packs

This pack includes everything that you need to make £100 pure profit.   Total cost to you is £76.80 (£60+£4 delivery, plus £12.80 VAT).  These decorations sell like hotcakes at £2 each, and you will still be able to sell easily at £2.50 each.

This simple product can easily put £100 cash into your pocket for Christmas.


Contents as follows:

Contains 1 Pack of 10 of 8 different ovals selected across our range

3 Set of 10 green cap filled bottles of Sand - 10 Colours

1 Bag of sticks

And the best bit of all, is that this product carries 80 points making you instantly active, and qualifies you for your first month on Quickstart.


Products include in the Mega Packs are multiples of the following items.  It is not possible to swap or substitute variants of designs or components of 8 out of the 9 designs available.