New Permanent Low Price - Sandyphonics - 10 x Full Set of all Letters a-z - Only £60

A pack of 10 of each of the 26 letters

All in lower case, and micro sleeves.

This is the perfect opportunity to add vastly to your business.  As well as the educational elements for young children, you also have now the ability for each of your customers to create:

- Make your name

- Make room door signs

- Attach magnets and have word games on the fridge

Basically create any words you like.

This should be a CORE part of your business going forward!

This offer includes 260 pictures at £60 making each letter only 23p each - even "charlotte" will only cost you £2.07 with its 9 different letter cards - sell for £6 and you have nearly £4 profit.

These pictures come with sleeves, but remember children learning their phonics will probably not want the sleeves on, as this gives them the chance to trace and feel the letters - helping with memorising.