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Sand Art Goody Pack - 05 - Pirates!

This wonderful pack is even more fun than just what's inside - it's an online party too!

Contains the following:

  • 2 copies of this week's Sand Art Club picture - one to practise on, and one to do with us in our weekly facebook live Sand Art Party, or for families with two children, perfect so that both can join in at the same time with no squabbling ;)
  • One extra picture 
  • 7 bright and colourful tubes of sand
  • Picking Stick and String to hang your lovely finished pictures up and decorate your house
  • Only £1 postage per pack

All pictures are from our popular OVAL range, and each week we will release a new pack - which we will colour in all together!

PACK 5's pictures are

  • Picture of the week - Pirate1
  • Pirate2

Facebook Live Party 

Join our Facebook Live party and we can all make our pictures together, and show each other just how creative we can be.  Extra bonus points for special effects and imaginative colouring with the sand.  Add your photos of your pictures into the comments as we go, and let us see your finished picture.  Each week we will pick 4 pictures as finalists and put them to our fans to vote - with the winner winning a free pack for the following week.



This product earns you £1.50 commission, or you can purchase it at a £1.50 discount, and it will be shipped to you packed.  A purchase of this product earns you 8 points towards your monthly personal points.