Monthly Special 30 Picture Pack

This months Special 10 Pack includes the following pictures that have all recently been featured in the how-to videos that you'll find on our facebook page:

  • 3x bird oval picture
  • 3x sandcastle oval picture
  • 3x A6 Camper Van picture
  • 3x A6 Sheep picture
  • 3x A5 Crocodile picture
  • 3x A5 Hens picture
  • 3x A4 Lion icture
  • 3x A4 Showjumper picture
  • 3x A4 Disney Mickey Football picture
  • 3x A4 Disney Minnie & Cat picture

Also, in the box you'll find all the kit that you need to make your pictures:

2 set of 10 green cap filled bottles of coloured sand
Sleeves and Hook tabs appropriate for your pictures
Ribbons and 6 Magnet to display your oval
8 Yellow sticks to help you make the pictures
Instructions etc.

Remember this combination of pictures is exclusive for the month of May.