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Make Your Own Jingle Bells Kit

It's Jingle Bells all the way this Christmas, so we have put together a simple kit that lets you make up to 20 jingle bell wristbands.

Simply thread the bells onto the pipecleaner and attach to your wrist.  Add strips of ribbon for extra decoration.

Easy, Simple and the perfect activity to keep the kids happy during those last few Looooooooooooong days between the end of term and Christmas eve.

At £2 per kit to your customers - this is also a great little money maker for you just before Christmas.

We recommend each home kit includes:

15 Bells

2 Pipecleaners

Strip of Ribbon

Toy safety label

Each bundle you purchase includes 320 bells, letting you make 21 kits from each £12 bundle (VIP prirce) making approx £30 of profit.

So, lets get in the Christmas spirit and jingle all the way.



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