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The Ovals Instant Active Packs

The Instant Active Oval Packs includes:

8 Pack of 10 Ovals, from our range, hand selected to be seasonally relevant where possible.

This pack comes in 2 options

OVAL101 - at £67.50 - 80 Ovals plus 3 sets of Green Capped Bottles of filled sand, and a bag of sticks, giving you everything that you need to run Sand Art activities at an event, club, or workshop.

OVAL102 - at £120 - 80 Ovals plus a 3 Boxes of Bulk Tube Box of 84 tubes of  lots of different colours, 100 instruction flyers, 2 packets of sticks, and a packet of sleeves -giving you EVERYTHING you need to make and sell 80 individual sand art packs, and earn £240 sales income.  

Please note that these prices here are Consultant prices.  If you have not purchased from Kids Bee Happy, and you are not currently a consultant, if you are interested in these products we would recommend that you join on our £5 special offer first, then come back and buy this product at a 50% discount.


Please note, the oval packs now do not include ribbon (we're trying to reduce packaging and plastics), so we recommend that you purchase a ball of the paper string, its lovely and colourful and even bio-degradable.

And if you are a consultant, this pack gives you 80 points, making you instantly active for the month, important if you're on one of our incentive plans.