Monthly Special 10 Picture Pack

Monthly Special 10 Picture Pack

Our 10 Picture Mix pack has been especially designed to be perfect for bigger families, sand art addicts, or perfect for a sleepover or family party. 

This months Special 10 Pack includes the following pictures that have all recently been featured in the how-to videos that you'll find on our facebook page:

A6 Spider x1

A6 Boo Bat x1

A5 Cat on a bromstick x1

Oval sized Monster x1

Oval Sized Flying pegasus x1

Oval Sized Wizard x1

Oval Sized Elf x1

Oval Sized Knight x1

A4 Vampire x2

Also, in the box you'll find the following bits of essential kit:

  • A set of 10 green cap filled bottles of coloured sand
  • Sleeves and Hook tabs appropriate for your pictures
  • Ribbons and 2 Magnet to display your oval
  • 4 Yellow sticks to help you make the pictures
  • Instructions etc.

And this fantastic pack is really good value at only £29.00 - plenty to keep everyone happy.

Please note that these picture combinations will change monthly.