Monthly Special 5 Picture Pack

Our 5 Picture Mix pack has been especially designed to be perfect for a family.  Pictures of Different sizes, enough to keep a child busy for a month, or plenty to share in bigger families.

This months Special 5 Pack includes the following pictures that have all recently been featured in the how-to videos that you'll find on our facebook page:

- A4 pluto

- A4 Poppy Field

- A5 Simple Butterfly

- A6 I Love Dad

- Oval Rowing Boat

Also, in the box you'll find the following bits of essential kit:

  • A set of 10 green cap filled bottles of coloured sand
  • Sleeves and Hook tabs appropriate for your pictures
  • 2 Yellow sticks to help you make the pictures
  • Instructions etc.

And this fantastic pack is really good value at only £19.50 - plenty to keep everyone happy.

Please note that these picture combinations change monthly.