Kids Bee Happy > start a sand art business today for £119
Your PTA Fundraiser Pack (or Restart your KBH Business) only £99

Perfect for PTA's and Fundraising organisations.


Ideal for newbies joining up and wanting to get started.


Perfect for ex-consultants who want to get their KBH business back up and running.

Start (or re-start) your business today with Kids Bee Happy and you will receive

  • 3 months subscription to Kids Bee Happy so you can top up on materials
  • 80 Sand Art ovals (RRP £2-£3 each)  
  • 3 sets of 10 filled green cap bottles - filled with coloured sand and ready for use

And of course we will 

So, what you're really saying, is that if I spend £99 today - I'll be able to turn into over £200 of funds for our School or for my family?

YES!  That is exactly what we are saying.