Everything you need to Start your Business Today for £119!

Start your business today with Kids Bee Happy and you will receive

  • A ticket to our Blackpool Event on Saturday 12th October, where you will receive in depth help, advice and training to get your business going with a bang!
  • Your first month's membership included
  • A bag of product with everything in it you need to do your first Kids Bee Happy event, and generate over £160 in sales.

Our Annual Conference is the biggest event in the Kids Bee Happy calendar, and this year it really is almost as if it was personally designed for you.  

  • Meet the founders of the company, and find out all the new and exciting products coming in the next few months.
  • You will meet and hear from our Leaders, who will help you with any questions and show you just how simple a Kids Bee Happy business can be.
  • See, touch and try out all the different craft materials and projects. 
  • And meet a brand new UK exclusive craft launching at the conference
  • You can find out how to get paid to be at events, and how to use Revenue Share to help organisations that you are fundraising for.
  • Find out how you can use Borrow Boxes to earn money from events and parties, whilst you are away enjoying time with your family, or working elsewhere.
  • Visit the Workshops Workshop, and see how you can use KBH workshops to work the days and hours that suit you
  • And if the thing that's really holding you back is a lack of confidence, you'll be delighted to hear that we have Life Coach Andrea Morrison at conference there to show you that you already have all the confidence you need - and she'll help you untap it.

And of course you will also already have your Product Bag, which includes the sand, pictures, sticks, and anything else that you need to do a Sand Art event and earn £160 (or even more!)

So, what you're really saying, is that if I invest £119 today - I'll have not only the products I need to start this business, but also all the help and information that I need to do it properly, and you'll include product too, so that when I sell it I will recover my costs and still make a profit?

YES!  That is exactly what we are saying.

So - what's holding you back??   Add this product to your basket now and lets get everything started.