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ECO Cute Pack

The "Cute Pack"

Made in Foresty Stewardship Council certified recycled materials, these pictures are the MOST environmentally friendly products that we offer.

The Cute pack includes 25 pictures, slightly bigger than A5, of cute animal characters;

- Buny with Carrots

- Cat and Kitten in a basket

- Stripey Cat

- Chirpy Bird

- Love bird

These pictures are all ideal for Valentines day, mothers day, Easter pictures. 

But most importantly they are just cute friendly pictures that children enjoy making - ideal for an interlude in home school schooling - an activity that the children can work away at on their own, that's fun and engaging as well as creative, that gives the parents a chance to crack 

The cute pack includes 25 pictures in total.

Check out the marketing in the kidsbeehappy social media pages and network groups to help support you in the sales of these specific products.

These pictures do not fit in the A5 sleeves as they are slightly larger than A5 size.

We recommend 5 tubes minimum for each of these pictures - 6 tubes is prefferable.  But the best way to sell is as a multi pack with the 50ml bottles.


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