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Arbees craft club is a structured set of craft projects which will be introduced monthly.  There will be between 1 and 4 crafts added a month, depending on the month, and on the flexibility of the project.  Arbees craft club is for our Kids Bee Happy consultants, to let you expand the products and range that you offer, and to enable you to hold monthly workshop (even weekly workshops) at the same location, or for different age groups.  Our craft activities will be designed for 4 age groups:  Pre School, Primary School, Secondary School and Adults, and Care home appropriate.

Each month, Kids Bee Happy will add an activity, and when we introduce an activity we will also include an activity instruction sheet, and a video, so that you can see how to make and run the craft.  This is because many people (including me) would not really describe ourselves as “crafty” or “artistic”, but we can follow instructions 😊   The activity will come with an activity materials pack, which will include all you need to run a workshop or activity session for up to 10 people.  Because of the differing quantities of different materials sometimes you’ll have a bit of surplus left over, but this will be great as it will mean that you’ll start building your resource box.  (Products will also be able to be purchased separately, so you wont have to double order).

We are also working very hard to ensure that our activities re-purpose materials that are already in your kit.  This makes it easier for you to start offering the crafts – because it means that you don’t need to buy everything new each time.  Its also much more environmentally friendly to find as many products that can be used for lots of different activities.  “Re-purposing”, that’s a word that you’ll hear a lot of in the next year!

We will have crafts at different prices so that you can pick and choose to what suits your customers and your environment.  The more expensive crafts will be bigger, which makes them perfect for spreading over a couple of sessions.


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£12.00 - £60.00