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Are you ready to start your business now?

If you are ready to start your business now, then these products here have all be carefully selected for you.  Kids Bee Happy starter packs don't come with massive discounts, you don't have to buy one, and you can easily buy one (or more) at any point of your business.  They are simply here to make your first order easy by packaging together everything that you need.  Purchase of any of these products automatically gives you consultant rank and full access to all of our Consultant only products at consultant prices.

A little shout of for our Instant Active pack is everything that you need in a bag to do your first Sand Art event.  It's perfect for fundraising groups too (hence its nickname as the PTA pack).  If you've come to this website looking to buy sand art quickly and easily for an event, activity or workshop, then this is one that you need.


Sold out
£135.00 - £240.00