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2. Terrariums

How to

Terrariums are your vessel to create little miniature worlds, but what will you create in yours?

Click here to Download your Terrarium Crib Sheet here - we recommend that you laminate and keep this.

Recommended Equipment

  • Terrariums
  • Coloured sand
  • Airplants (buy from local garden centre)
  • Modeling clay
  • Sticks and modeling clay tools
  • Tables and benches/chairs to work form

What to do?

  • The first thing is to think and plan.  Whats your miniature world going to be?  Polar? Jungle? Woodland?  Beach?  Desert?  Underwater?  etc.  Why not even sketch it out?
  • If the creation involves models, then the best place to start is making those models with modeling clay.  Remember though that the terrariums are small, so the models need to be too - you'll find that after a while people get used to breaking off smaller sections of modeling clay.  Meantime, remember that the clay doesn't blend, so its easy to separate the colours and remould.
  • Remember that when making models you don't make the complete shape, you make component parts from a mixture of shapes.  Make the body, the head, the legs, the arms, etc bit by bit and then stick them together.
  • Get your terrarium ready.  Remember that when terrariums are displayed they hang, meaning that you can see all the layers, and patterns made with coloured sand.
  • Add your airplant (if you are using) give it a wee spray of water from a spritz before you pop it in.
  • Add your models in.
  • Take a photo!

Important things to remember

  • The glass on the terrariums is much thinner than the glass bottles.  We would not recommend this activity for children younger than 8 years.
  • Crafts are fun, perfection is not a requirement, and much fun and laughter can come from the modeling monsters where things go terribly wrong.  Embrace the funny creations and use your imagination.

How much materials does it use?

You will use 1 terrarium and we recommend only 1 airplant per terrarium.  You will use very small amounts of modeling clay and sand (particularly if you recycle the modeling clay)

How much does it cost and how much should I charge?

The terrariums cost £9 for a box of 6 (£1.50 each).  Airplants tend to cost around £1 each (remember to buy the smallest ones).  You should use less than £1 of modelling clay and coloured sand per terrarium.  We would recommend that you charge £6 for this activity.

Indoors or outdoors?

This activity needs no electricity or water, and so can easily be done outside.  However it will need a good stable place to work, so tables and benches/chairs.  Its much easier for people sitting down, particularly if they are deep in their modeling.

Toy Safety and Labeling

All products come in packaging which complies fully with all toy safety and labeling requirements, CE marks, age warnings etc.

Retail Kit or Workshop activity?

We would not recommend this item as a retail kit.  We would recommend this item for a workshop activity.

Recycling and Environmental

  • The soft clay doesn't dry out, so this means that its reusable.  Round up any offcuts, or horrendously scary models that didn't make it into the final product, and separate the components, and ball them up by colour.
  • If you have teeny bits, or parts where the colours have been so closely squashed that they wont separate, round these up and make a bit multicoloured ball - we all know how much the rainbow sand is loved, multicoloured clay can be used in the same way.  Flatten it and roll it to make pretty patterns.
  • Get some tubs/buckets to make sure that your recycled clay doesn't get lost and goes with you to your next events.  Even if its not "perfect" enough for a paid workshop activity, its definitely good enough to offer to children as a filler or supplementary activity.

Warning - No Competing products

Please remember that as Kids Bee Happy consultants you have signed an agreement not to sell or provide competing products.  Kids Bee Happy deems small shaped plastic bottles and other receptacles to be considered as competing products. (It always has, and the release of these products hasn't changed that).   

Please remember why this clause is in place, it is in place to:

(a) Ensure all Kids Bee Happy customers get a consistent high quality experience, regardless of location or consultant.

(b) That all products provide a profitable activity for yourself, whilst providing a high quality value for money activity for our customers.

(c) Proven, tested products, that comply with H&S, Safety Standards, etc 

(d) Minimise our Environmental Impact - High quality products are better designed, kept rather than disposed of, long lasting, and as environmentally considerate as possible.

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