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Black Friday - Deals!! Discounts!! Bargains!! - But what about You!

Business Advice for Consultants re Black Friday


Firstly please, remember that Black Friday is 90% marketing gimmick, and that all those big companies aren’t really giving away all those products for nothing.  Make sure that when you’re setting your own discounts and offers (and please don’t feel that you have to) remember to check your prices and make sure that you are still making profits.

Secondly, remember that this year, Black Friday falls on Payday Friday.  This means that not only will customers be receiving the onslaught of social media promoted posts, texts and emails that they get every payday - they'll also be getting all the Black Friday ones too.  Which leads us neatly onto: 


Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Argos, PC World, Debenhams, B&Q, Tesco, Asda etc throw the whole kitchen sink in when it comes to marketing around Black Friday.  They spend millions (yes millions) of pounds around those few days in getting their messages to your customers.  They will fill their facebook feeds with sponsored adverts, promoted posts, influencer posts, emails, texts, personalised messages via messenger and whatsapp, competitions, offers, and anything else that they can think of to get in front of them.  And it doesn't stop there, they will putting ads on TV, youtube, buses and newspapers, and literally anything else that they can think of.

And on top of that, the news channels will be full of pictures of people queuing up, and talking about the amount of money that’s been spent, and we’re almost pretty much guaranteed that the RBS or TSB’s online banking system will crash too.

So ask yourself – are your customers likely to see YOUR offers in amongst all that noise?

Don’t you think that your customers would really rather more appreciate your offers and discounts on any other day than the same day that everyone else is screaming at them?


Getting something that’s special, or rare, or not usually available is truly a special offer.  Getting something that’s normally available for a 20% discount, well that’s not really that special at all.   Have a think about what you can do instead of cutting prices, that makes the experience “special” in the real sense of the word.  Why not work with a new cafe partner?

The perfect excuse – have a “Escape from Black Friday” party at a local cafe, or, have a “E-shop in peace” party at a (same?) local cafe that’s got really good wifi, so that mums can spend a couple of hours trawling through the online sales whilst enjoying a latte and their kids are occupied.


Not everyone likes Black Friday.  An increasing movement called #ShopEthicalInstead are encouraging people to get to know what positive mission drives businesses, see the products they create and meet the people behind the brand. This will run the entire week of Black Friday - so remember to hashtag your posts.

Tell your customers!

Remember how you see that coat in a store, and you think, i'll check back on that in the New Year sales.  You don't want your customers doing this, delaying purchases for discounts that might not be coming.  So we recommend that you have 1 black friday promotion and start promoting it early - infact, now's a really good time.  This sends your customers a nice clear message that its better to make their purchases with you now rather than later.  And if you'er not doing Black Friday, then again, its really important your customer know this too.


When you sit down and really think about it, those huge big (#fake) discounts – are they really worth the effort? - SO what are you going to be doing instead?  The leaders will be running discuss thread in the groups all about this, so if you're fancying doing something and after some sensible profitable ideas, or even just to reassure yourself that you're not doing anything wrong by stepping away from it - check in and catchup.  

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