Checkout Buttons and how they work!

Checkout Buttons are your new secret online selling tool!

Did you ever wish you could just send your customers one link, which would take them straight to the product you want them to see, and even add it to their shopping cart for them?

Well, THAT is precisely what our checkout buttons do!

Where do I find them?

You'll find your checkout buttons in your back office.  If you log in, select Backoffice, and go to the My Business section, you'll find a menu there for "Checkout Buttons".

What do I do???

Click the blue button for the product that you want, and select "Get URL", and that's your code!  Simple as that.

What are they?

There are a tiny snippet of code that you simply copy and paste.  You can past it onto facebook posts, or instagram posts, you can add it onto emails, send it by messenger, whatever you want.  The code is a link that when your customer clicks it takes them directly to the product that the button is for, and adds 1 of that product to their shopping basket.

Do my customers need to do anything else?

Well, if they are a new customer, the next thing they'll need to do is register (and of course, pay) to complete the shopping cart.  If they are already an existing customer then they'll need to log in.  If they are a logged in customer then all they need to do is simply checkout.

What about consultants in my team - do these buttons work for them?

Yes.  For products that are available to customers - then the button will do exactly the same thing.  And as your teamie is already likely to be logged it, it makes this very easy for them.

I'm clicking a link but its saying "product not available"?

This will be because you are a logged in consultant, clicking a link for a customer only product.  We don't have many of the these, the May £2 Customer Pack is a good example of one of these products that are only available to customers.  If you want to check that it really is available to customers, then make sure you properly log out, and then click the link.

And I earn commission when people buy off these links, right?

Yes.  The link that you share has your affiliate number included in the code.  So when a customer purchases off that link, the customer is assigned to your downline, and you will earn 25% commission on the sale.  That commission is a retail commission and will be paid at the end of the month.  Sweet! 

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