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Christmas Dispatch and Delivery Dates 2019-2020

Here are all our Important Dates over Christmas and the New Year.

If you've been with Kids Bee Happy for a year or so you'll know that we don't dispatch orders between Christmas and New Year, this is because the parcel network is short staffed and under pressure, and frequently bad weather too.  And importantly the combinations of bank holidays and weekends mean that a "next working day delivery" can actually be in transit for 5 or more days.

Last Dispatch Date for a Pre- Christmas Delivery - 10AM Thursday 19th December.

If your order is submitted and paid before Thursday 19th December, then subject to any adverse weather etc, your parcel will be delivered before Christmas.

Please note that although 24th is a Tuesday, it will not be a normal day for DPD and although some deliveries will be made it will be a restricted service.

If you order on or before Thursday 19th December and you haven't received your order before 9am on Monday 23th December, please make sure you raise a ticket so that we can contact DPD on your behalf.


Before contacting the Warehouse with any delivery question, please make sure that you have downloaded the DPD app and have added the email address that you use with Kids Bee Happy.  The APP will always have the most recent and relevant delivery information, more up to date than the information that we are able to access.  You can download the app here:  https://www.dpd.co.uk/lp/yourdpd/index.html

First Dispatch Date after Christmas

The first day that DPD will be collecting from the Kids Bee Happy warehouse after Christmas is Friday 3rd January.  Please remember that the warehouse is located in Scotland and that the 2nd of January is a public holiday.  It's also good news as it gives the parcel network the chance to get stuck into some of the New Year backlog before we start sending out our parcels, meaning that the chances of delays etc are far reduced.

Why do you not dispatch between Christmas and New Year?

We have learnt in the past that dispatches between Christmas and New Year rarely go as planned.  Firstly, there are the non-working day interuptions of weekends and bank holidays, then there are delays because of the reduced number of drivers, there are backlogs in the depot, and full trailers sat at the hubs due to public holidays and weekends.  And when parcels sit in backlogs and trailers etc, as well as delays, there is an increased risk of damage and loss.  And all of this is compounded if the weather is bad over the Christmas holiday period.

We therefore take the simple approach of not dispatching between Christmas and New Year.

When can I place an Order?

You can place an order whenever you want, as this bit is automated.  However, please be aware that orders placed after the 20th December may not be delivered until the 4th of January.

Can I phone the warehouse?

Between Christmas and New Year the warehouse will be shutdown for our employees annual holidays.  Nothing really urgent happens at this time, and its therefore much nicer for our warehouse team to get the chance of a proper break with their family rather than come into work.  During this period, if you have an emergency then please submit a support ticket - however, please remember that we will not be dispatching orders.

What about Month End?

Orders before 10pm on New Years eve will be processed as December orders.  Orders placed after Midnight will be processed as January Orders.  The final review of ranks, commissions and bonuses will be done on Thursday 3rd January, so please don't panic if your dashboard isn't updated, however, it will help us if you log a ticket with a screensnap if this is the case.    Commission points will be added to your account to spend on Thursday 3rd of January.

New Year Sales

As in previous years, Kids Bee Happy will run a series of short flash sales through January and February, including a payment plan option for the Commercial Table set.  These sales will focus around marketing items, equipment, and other items to help you grow and scale your business.

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