Craft Workshops - May to August

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Craft Activities plan for May to August 2019

What about kit?????

We have worked really hard in the Plan for the craft club so that you can slowly build your materials and equipment, and importantly, that when you've bought them for one craft activity that you get to use them again soon in another one.  It is our plan that although each project may have a unique item, that the other materials you use will already have been used in other crafts.

So for example, our first two craft build off the one material that we know you all have - the coloured sand.  The second activity introduces modelling clay, which will be used in 4 other crafts in this list, plus of course it being a very good "filler" for children who push through other crafts quicker.  We next introduce Paints and Markers, with the trolls, which can also be used in 6+ other crafts in the list, and then pens for the mobiles which you'll use probably every session, one way or another...  So you see how we are planning it? Maximum re-use & lots of re-purposing.

May  (All suitable for outside working - no electricity required)

1.  Sand Bottles and Lightbulbs  (All ages)

2. Terraniums  (All ages)

June  (All suitable for outside working - no electricity required)

3. Pebble Trolls  (All ages)

4. Colour Mobiles (Fantasy/Pirates/Detailed Animals for Adults) - Packs of 20

July  (All suitable for outside working - no electricity required)

5. Kite Making  (All ages)

6. Ice Cream Stand /Beach Tray  (All ages)

7. Decoupage - Pencil Pot  (All ages)

8. Make a VW Camper Van  (All ages)


9. Pom-Pom Pets  (All ages)

10. Bunting  (Child & Adult versions)

11. Tooth Fairy / Pixie / Elf door  (All ages)

12. Decorate a Bird (Decoupage/Paint/Fabric etc)  (All ages)

Please note:  Although this is the Plan - there may be changes to the order of projects, please ensure that you check the monthly post to stay informed of any changes.

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