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FAQs about the Monthly Membership Fee

(1) Do I have to pay the monthly membership fee?

Yes.  If you want to have access to Kids Bee Happy's consultant products, and discounts, you need to pay the monthly membership fee.  There is a minimum period of 4 months.  You can choose to pay quarterly (with a bit of discount) or annually (with a bit more discount).

(2) Does it apply to me, or just new members?

It applies to everyone equally, leaders and consultants, new members and existing members.

(3) Why do we need a monthly fee?

This is explained in this blog post here.

(4) What happens if I decide not to pay the monthly membership?

If you decide not to pay the monthly membership your account will be downgraded to a Customers account, and you will no longer have access to Consultant only products and prices.  We have a minimum subscription period of 4 months, and if you unsubscribe then you can resubscribe after 4 months, or earlier if you purchase the "reactivate my consultant discounts" product at £30.

(5) What happens if I'm not active?

You do not need to be active to maintain your consultant status and discounts, as long as you pay the monthly membership.  Remember, with the price drops on all the main sand art products, if you are active only half the year, or if you only spend £40 or so a month on average, you will still be saving money even with the subscription.

(6) I don't order every month - do I still have to pay the membership?

Yes.  But remember, we have dropped the prices on all the sand art products, so even if you order every other month, or if you spend around £40 a month, then you are STILL saving money.

(7) I only order once or twice a year - this really doesn't suit me

There will be a few people for whom this is the situation.  And in your situation you are probably better buying from a consultant as a customer, as the reality is that you really are a customer buying it for occasional own use, rather than consultant buying for business purposes.

(8) Can I choose when to pay?

Yes.  Simply subscribe for the monthly membership on a date that suits you during May, and it will automatically renew a month later.  Or you can choose quarterly or annual options which will automatically renew also.   

(9) Does the Membership count towards being active?

Yes.  The membership will earn you points in the month you pay.  So if you pay monthly it will earn you 9 points a month.  If you choose quarterly or annually you will earn the relevant amount of points in the month that you pay.

(10) How is the membership collected?

Monthly, quarterly or annual payments are paid by card.  When you subscribe, the card you pay with will be used each time a payment is due.  The membership is set to renew monthly/quarterly/annually from the date that you first subscribe.

(11)  When do I need to subscribe by?

Please subscribe for the membership on any day in May that suits you.  It will auto-renew only month later (or quarterly/annually).  Those people who haven't subscribed by the end of the month will lose their consultant access in June.

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