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Guiding Star Winners of 2019

Every year the Guiding Star nominations are one of the highlights of the conference season.  Anyone involved in Kids Bee Happy is very aware of all teamwork, support and generous sharing of knowledge within the company, and importantly cross team.  But when you see it written down, time and time again, it makes a huge impression.  What I love about the guiding star nominations is that as well as thanks and recognition for the big stuff, there is also a huge number of nominations of other consultants for the smaller stuff that happens much more often, the friendly words, the sharing of resources, helpful tips and guidance - and its this that makes Kids Bee Happy one big family, and so its a delight to present these awards each year.

Guiding Star - Leader's Award  – Stephanie Keeble

•Been with us for only just over a year, but made a big impact in a short time

•Stephanie is a a great support and always happy to help and respond to questions in the group.  Although I'm not directly on her team.......I know she is more than happy to help, always at hand and an inspiring leader

•Stephanie has been so patient with me as I’ve started off slow and hasn't pushed me, any questions I needed answering whether they be hard or silly questions she’s helped answer all of them.

•Stephanie is always available to help and offer advice! She doesn't seem to sleep :-) she has helped me with lots of enquiries and talked through things when my heads been spinning! She’s given me lots of ideas to help get my business started. She is an inspiration to me as a new consultant.

•She's a wonderful leader. She would answer any questions 100 times if needed. If she doesn't know the answer,  she will find out ASAP or direct you to someone who knows.

•Steph had been extremely supportive since I have joined  kbh she’s always there to help with advice and answers any questions I have.  She has given me confidence to grow as a business and a person.

•She is my leader. Couldn't ask for anyone better to have my back and support thought my KBH journey. From day one she just been there when i have needed help with anything. She will go to end of earth to help her team and everyone else.  Couldn’t thank her enough for everything she does.

•Since I started my journey with kids bee happy ( January 19) Steph has been there every step of the way! Her support and advice had been amazing, I've only just started on building my team and she's hasn't just been there for me but also them too. She's an amazing leader who is there not just for her team but whoever needs help it

Guiding Start - Growing Consultant Award – Virginia Chapman

•Virginia took it on herself to offer me support when I started with kbh and she continues to support me and offer me help

•Even when she wanted to stop, she kept going and has come through to the other side.

•What a yucky few months Virginia has had, but she’s not going to let things pull her down. Virginia has taken a side step with her business and being more focused on where she is taking things for a brighter future for her business. She’s pushing any negative thoughts to one side and going for gold! I have total faith you’re going to do this, don’t look back Virginia, shine like the diamond we know you are a Virginia is an inspiration!

•She is always looking for new ways to grow her business- even when the going gets tough, she doesn’t give up!  She is very active on Arbie’s page and is always helping other people. Her input has really helped me with ideas for my business over the last year. Just keep being you Virginia!

•I would like to nominate Virginia as I feel she battles through all challenges and obstacles that are put in her way and still gives 100% even when she hits rock bottom and is still determined to succeed after a tough year behind the scenes as well as what she has posted about she is an inspiration even if she doesn't think so.

Guiding Star - New Consultant Award – Tanya Carter

•She's amazing with wonderful ideas. 

•Always there to help anyone out.

•Tanya will always help not just myself but anyone that asks for help always very helpful

•Tanya has really given everything she has into growing a business with KBH. She focused and planned every detail to succeed and it has really paid off. She is growing a team and really focusing on helping those to succeed also. She is an amazing team member and works with those on other teams too.

Other Nominations that stand out:

This year we had over 200 nominations, and so we decided to share each nomination with the person who received it, so that you could see just how much you are appreciated (if you've not see any of these nomination emails, check out your spam filter because they are there!). 

I would love to be able to share with you all of the nominations but unfortunately time doesn't permit, but here are a few that stood out to me:

Lyn Bunker: Lyn works two businesses, works part time,  back at Uni part time, juggles family life. If she’s not at Uni or work you’ll find her busy doing either business, she keeps both businesses very separately, she is a real Ambassador for KBH,  a real team player and can see a fantastic team leader in the making if she has any time left. Lyn your a real asset to the team full all helpful hints & tips without imposing your ways.

Warehouse Team: Would like to nominate Dylan and Paul from the KBH backoffice, warehouse. We always forget about the people behing the stage who works hard to make as shining with our success. He is very reliable, kind, polite, and you always can count on his help. Just massive THANK YOU to him for being part of our big family.

Maddi Rowley: Thank you for being a true team player and inspirational leader.   The way you support your own team, and the wider team and team leaders is truly amazing. Thank you for setting up all the event groups, sharing your ideas and passing leads on throughout the whole company. You are a star.  Most importantly thank you for being you, and becoming a wonderful friend to me."

Amanda McDiarmed: "Right now I cant be there at conference as Amanda McDiarmed my wonderful mum is there, she has had the most ups and downs, where most would just give up she just keeps on going. I truly believe that Kids bee happy  saved her. She is working so hard to make a success of her business which has given her a sence of being. I am at home looking after my disabled sister, so mum can be there (she needs the break).Yes I am a consultant and love it, but mum whether she wins or not, deserves the recognition from all of us!! Her children, her adopted child, step children, foster children, and grandchildren. 

Steph Terry:Steph didn’t have an easy start to her business, but with her patience and yes having to bite her tongue and keeping focused on building her business, even getting through a few Gazebos at some wet and wild festivals, working through the good events and the not so great event she in definitely a shining star, keep making those contacts with other businesses and organisers. Keep shining brightly

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