Have the Prices increased?

We have changed the way we displayed VAT.

Before May, VAT was added on at the end, so the price you saw for the products was BEFORE VAT was added.

From 1 May, VAT is included in the price that you see, and £0 VAT is added on at the checkout.

So because of this we have changed some of the ways that prices are displayed.

Before May - Charlie here cost £4.80 plus VAT, making a total of £5.76 (and got you 5 points)

From 1 May - Charlie here costs £5.50 INCLUDING the VAT, making at total of £5.50 (and gets you 6 points)

So not only is there a not a price increase, there is also a teeny weeny price decrease, but eitherway you look at it - its simply a presentation change that makes things easier.

Keeping Points and £ in proportion

There is one product where we made a big bigger presentation change, and thats the Sand Tubes, because we know that people like to buy these in large multiples, and we didn't want to do 5 Tubes for £1.20 including the VAT, because all those 20ps would add up without the relevant portion of points.  So, we've made a very quick video letting you see how these have changed, and how once again, there is no real price rise - just a presentation change!

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