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If you're not selling Frozen - Read This!

As sellers, we are responsible for choosing the stock that we offer our customers, it can be as wide or as limited as we decide it can be - remember Henry Ford and is offering that the customer could order their cars in "any colour - as long as it is black"

And as always, with power come great responsiblity - but in a less scary way what does that mean, it means we need to be aware of how our own likes and dislikes impact on the stock we offer and the way that we sell it.  

There is a really good blog in the history about how everyone's favourite picture is their top seller - why?  Well it comes down to lots of little subtleties that we don't even really notice, the fact that we have it beautifully coloured in, the fact that its in the prime selling spot, the fact that its usually either the first or last picture we suggest to the children and we linger on it with a smile a bit longer than all the others.  

And then what happens is that the children come to your activity station, look at what pictures other children are doing, and then this influences them more towards pictures that are already out being made.  Remember how you have those pictures that don't sell for ages and then suddenly at one event they are just flying out of the door.

So, back to Frozen - if you aren't selling Frozen is it because YOU aren't particuarly into Disney or Frozen, perhaps you don't have children in that age group, or perhaps your children haven't dragged you off to the cinema to see it.

But then, as a business, you should ask yourself what your customers are buying - and your customers are buying Frozen, so much so that Disney is the world's top valued brand, the original moving being the highest grossing Disney film ever, and Frozen 2 on track to become one the highest grossing movies ever.

At Kids Bee Happy we have been empowered to sell an exclusive party and product range with the worlds most valuable brand on it, so if you're not selling it - remind yourself that its not because "people" don't want to buy it.  

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