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Is the monthly fee costing me money?

Why have we introduced a monthly fee?

Simply - we have introduced a monthly fee to keep a proper separation between consultants and customers, to stop people that aren't really wanting to become consultants from signing up and having a good nosy around the consultant products, and to ensure that our leaders spend their time helping people grow their businesses, rather than following up signups from people who aren't really interested.

Is it going to cost me money?

No.  80% of consultants are going to pay less money by paying the monthly fee.  How come? you ask.  Well, what we didn't want to do was just impose a fee as an extra cost, so what we've done at the same time is drop the prices by 20% on all the products in the three main categories:  

  • Sand
  • Sand Art Pictures
  • Squidgy Sand (sleeves, and some other things too)

When you look at these product you'll see the same prices that you saw last month, but remember, before May there was 20% of VAT added to these prices at checkout, where as now there is £0 added at checkout, the price you see ALREADY includes the VAT.  

Meaning - you are getting a 20% price drop on these products.

If you are a consultant who buys an average of £40 a month, or are active only every other month, then you will still be saving.  Consultants who are active every month will be saving nearly 10%.    And if you don't believe this, and you'd like to see the maths, here it is:

Before May - If you were active, you would spend  £80 on products, you'd have £16 of VAT added, and you'd earn 80 points for your £96 spent.

After May - If you are active, you will spend £80 on products, you'll have £0 of VAT added, you'll also spend £9 on the monthly fee.  This means you'll earn 89 points for your £89 spent.

So, it really is more products for your £, and more points for your £ too - even with the monthly membership fee.

I've lots more questions about the monthly membership....

We've got another quick blog which you can jump to, which gives answers to all the questions that the leaders thought you might have about the monthly membership.  You can see these here.

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