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It's SALE Time! - And here's what to expect

Its time for Kids Bee Happy's annual sale, so I thought I'd drop you a quick email to let you know how it works, just so that you don't miss out on things you might want, and so you can plan your budget.


(1) Sale products are only available to subscribing consulants, so please check that your subscriptions are up to date. 


(2) Each Monday a Sale Product will be launched.  This product & price will ONLY be available for the next 7 days.  


(3) If you add the product to your basket but don't checkout, you will not get the sale price - to get the sale price you must checkout.


(4) Some products will be limited to 1 per consultant.  Some products will have limited stocks and when they are sold out they are sold out.


(5) Each month, the sale products will add up to a minimum of 80 points, so if you just purchase the sale products each week - you will be active.


(6) Products included in the sale are the ones that we think are most helpful in growing your business and expanding your sales - there is a strong emphasis on marketing materials. 


(7) We do not include the core basics such as sand, tubes and core pictures etc in the sales, so please do not hold off ordering these if you need them just incase a sale might turn up - it won't, so order these as you need them as normal.


(8) The commercial table offer is our most popular sale product, and with the addition of the 100 extra pictures, it means that if you spend £470 you can earn yourself £800 over the next few months - that's £320 profit AND you have a proper equipment set that WILL increase your sales (Ask your leaders!).  The sale period is the only time that we offer a 4 part payment option, the payments can be made any time through 2020 as long as the first order is before 29th February, and the last before 31st December 2020.


(9) To avoid unnecessary shipping costs, to maximise your sale savings, and to be a little kinder to the environment, please use "shiplater" in the coupon box, this will process your order without any shipping costs.  When you want delivery, simply process an order with the "ship my orders now" product from the store, which is 1p, plus normal postage costs.


(10) The sale period lasts the duration of January & February, so keep in touch with your team because we also have the occasional wildcard sale which you wont want to miss out on either.


I hope this gives you good expectations of what to expect - It's great fun, and we do find that consultants who are able to take advantage of our sales really do feel the benefit in the coming year to make more profits and see their businesses grow.


In friendship,

The Kids Bee Happy Team


#PS - If you've not yet started your Kids Bee Happy business, but you'd like to take this opportunity to get stuck in, just reply to this email and we will put you in touch with your leader who will do everything they can to help you!


#PPS - Remember that as well as getting some FAB discounts, and buying products that will help you grow your business - all the sale products count towards the Winter Incentives too!!  Whoop Whoop!!

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