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Kids and Conference

We are delighted to announce that we will be working with Eyears to provide fully qualified and registered childcare for the duration of the conference in 2020.

The policy is as follows:

Babes in arms (ie not toddling)

Mums with babes in arms may bring their babies to conference, and they are welcome to stay all day in the room with you, we would particularly encourage you to do this if you are breastfeeding.  In the past, many people have brought either their partner or their mum with them, who has been able to take the baby for a wee wander during the day to give you some time to chat and enjoy in a more relaxed way, but others have had their babies with them all day, and this is fine.

1-13 Years

We do not have children of this age in the conference room.  Despite everyone's best will and effort, it is a long day and children of this age are not really suited to listenting to people talk business all day - it is boring for them, and they want to be active.  We will therefore be providing a childminding service for this age group in the Hallmark hotel.  The cost of which is £25 per child, the creche will run from 9am to 5pm with a break at lunchtime where the children are welcome to join you and us for lunch.  The children are also welcome to join us in the room at the end of the day for the awards ceremony so that they can cheer you on. (This is also applicable for partners/parents who have travelled with you - at this stage, definitely the more the merrier).  You will be able to purchase a childminding place via our website, these will be bookable up to 2 weeks before conference but we would beg to book as early as possible because we will need to ensure that we have the correct number of childminders for the numbers and ages of children.

13 years Plus

If you have older children of this age who are involved in your Kids Bee Happy business, then we will be offering our £20 young person's ticket - where they are welcome to join us in the room.  We anticipate that at some time they will get fidgety, so we request that you are happy with them leaving the main room and taking some time out (probably with their phones) as and when they require.

Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms this year will be booked by you directly with the hotel.  Kids Bee Happy has an allocation of rooms, so please let them know if you require a "put up bed" or a family room. Please also mention to the hotel when booking your rooms if you require any extra accessibility requirements.  We will release the number and code for rooms with the hotel shortly - please don't be stressed out if you check online and see no availablility - its simply because the hotel hasn't started selling online yet.

We hope that these adjustments will enable more people to attend the conference, and if sucessful will look to replicate them in future years.  Conference page will follow shortly, the the essential information is as follows:

Date:  Saturday 10th October

Location:  Hallmark Hotel Hagley (2 miles from New Street and Snow Hill train stations)

Times: 9.30am - 5pm  Conference .   5.30pm - 6.30pm Awards

Childminding cost:  £25 per child

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