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Spring/Winter Incentive 2021

Hello there,  Happy New Year, and welcome to 2021.

Well 2020 was a year, lol, and it looks like at least the first half of 2021 will see us spending lots of time at home, so we've launched the Winter/Spring sales and incentives with all of this in mind.

Our incentives this year are nice and straightforward.

- Be Active and acheive 100 points in January - win free VIP membership for April, May and June.

- Be Active and acheive 100 points in February - win free VIP membership for July, August and September.

- Be Active and acheive 100 points in March - win free VIP membership for October, November and December.

To confirm what you need to do to be active;

- Have 100 or more personal points by each month end.

- Abide by the terms of the consultant agreement.

- You can win one, two or three months, it's all up to you.

And to claim your Free VIP Membership;

- At the end of each month you will be sent a claim form with a link for a £0 product to purchase that give you the free membership for the relevant quarter.

So why are we doing this incentive?

The one thing that we know in head office and as leaders is that people that keep their business going through the early months of the year, end up with a stronger all year round business.  So, this incentive helps you keep going through the early months, where of course you'll be able to take advantage of our sales and monthly instant active bundles, but also supports you through the rest of the year, with your VIP membership already earnt for you.

The (not so) small print;

A couple of things that we need to say to ensure that everyone benefits fairly from the incentive;

- Any consultant who "offloads" stocks via chats/groups/offline etc to other consultants loses any free VIP membership earnt.

- Any consultant who breaches the consultant agreement T&C loses any free VIP membership earnt.

- You cannot purchase goods for yourself via another consultant in order to help them gain free VIP, if we become aware of this happening you will lose any free VIP membership earnt.   The Free VIP membership is not transferable.

-No Double Incentives - I am afraid that we can't do double incentives - so if you are on fast start you cannot claim both the fast start AND the Free VIP membership incentive.  But you can choose at the end of January, or in your first month.  But, if you do 180+points (ie 80+100) then we would be giving you an incentive for both the faststart AND the winter incentive, so you would be fine here and able to claim both incentives - the choice is yours.

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