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The Pebbles, Sand and Water of Life

In May, we introduced Terrariums to our craft activities.  These terrariums are fragile glass globes, and when the supplier notified us on Friday that we had exhausted their UK supply it was one of those moment.  So after a little bit of thinking we've changed the product that we use for the terrariums to a glass jar, and as well as having an opening that's easier for little hands to use, it also opened up the possibility of other activities.

And whilst sitting on the shores of D&G lovely beaches this weekend, I suddenly realised that we now had all of the materials to do the Pebbles, Sand and Water Jar exercise.   This is a very well known story, all over the world, and you'll probably recall it:

(1) Fill your jar with Pebbles - Ask the people if the jar is full

(2) Add sand to the jar - use different colour sands - Ask the people again if the jar is now full

(3) Tip water into the jar to the brim - Ask the people if the jar is full now

The Jar is like your Life.  

The pebbles represent the big things in your life:

- Hopes and Dreams

- Family

- Health

- Exercise

- Good Friends

- Time for ourselves

These are the things that you will look back on and want as much as possible.

The sand represents the every day things:

- Work

- Hobbies

- Preparing food

- Money and paying the bills

- Cleaning 

These are the things that everyday seem to occupy the majority of everyday life.

The water represents the things that we don't particularly see or notice that absorb our lives

- Driving and ferrying people around

- Shopping

- Watching TV or sitting on our phones

- Social Media

- Worrying about what other people think

- And just worrying in general

If you tip the water in slowly, you will see tiny bubbles as the airpockets between the sand are filled, literally showing you the time that you didn't know that you had.

What's the message?

The big message is that we need to give attention to the big things in our lives first - Our family, our health, our hopes and dreams.  If we had instead filled the jar with water first, there would not be room for the sand and definitely not the pebbles.  Our lives would be full of the mundane, things that we don't remember, in fact frequently don't even realise.  But if we give attention to the big things first, to the important things first, the things that make our souls soar, then someone, around that we will find time for the sand - for the things that help us achieve those big things, and for those mundane things too.

And that when we look at the jar, although we may see the sand and the water, we know that at the core of jar are the most important things to us - sometimes hidden, but always there.

......................................So why not make your own Jar...............

(P.S.  This would make a lovely activity for your workshops - wouldn't it?)

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