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Top Tips for Busy Summer Events

It's summer, you have a big event planned, and the weather looks like its going to be stonkingly good, and you're having a panic that you don't have enough pictures, enough equipment, enough tables - enough anything OMG Panic.

So here are 2 simple things that you can put in your car (in fact you even leave them in the car) which will solve all those panics.

(1) The Picnic Blanket

Ask any of our leaders, the Picnic blanket is the ultimate fix for any over crowding/over busy situations.  Just spread it out (outside your space - if you're that busy, no-one is going to complain), but 2 bowls on the floor, one for yellow paper, one for tipped off rainbow sand.  And put your bottles out here.  Don't worry about spacing out the kids, the number of bottles per child etc, they'll just sort it out themselves.  If you have 4 spare bowls then double up on yellow paper/rainbow sand.

(2) Christmas Ovals

I need to confess now.  At any point in time there are usually 200 Elf Ovals in my car - the live in the gap in the spare wheel section under the bootliner in my car.  Odd you may think.  But knowing that at any point in time I can just product an extra 200 pictures means that I know that I can solve any busy event's picture shortage.  200 Elf pictures = £400, not to be sniffed at.  Tucked away where they are they are absolutely no inconvenience, they're not in the way, not getting damaged, but there if I need them.

Another top tip for busy summer events, is always take an extra set of bottles in your kit - even if you're using tables and bowls.  If you have children with autism, Aspergers, disabilities or just generally worn out stressed out kids, then being able to take a set of bottles and work in a quiet space on their own (or with their family) can make a world of difference to them (and especially to the parents).  It's not a big deal on our part to have a spare set of bottles, but it can make a very big difference to one of your customers. 

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