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What does success look like to you?

Last month, our warehouse apprentice (#DylanDidIt) left to go to ferry school. It's one of those moments that lets me sit back and appreciate the benefits of running a business where we determine our own definition of success.

Our warehouse is in Stranraer, a small town which is most well known for being the base for the Northern Irish ferries, other employers include Gentex who make fighter pilot helmets, and McClennan with their extra strong cheese.  But it is very noticeable that there are only a limited number of opportunties for school leavers.  

So, when we moved our warehouse to Stranraer, we decided that part of our social responsibilities was to create positions where we can upskill school leavers, and get them into a place where they can collect skills and experiences that will help them through the other dozens of jobs they are likely to have in their working lives.

So instead of chosing the normal Business Admin apprenticeship (which would be the most relevant for our business) we instead chose the warehouse apprenticeship, giving them the opportunity to get formal qualifications in loading, health and safety, forklift and maneuvering goods etc. and it seems that yes, this is the right qualification to skill up our apprentices for their adult journey into the world of work.

So what does success look like to us - well sometimes it looks like an employee leaving us to take their next steps into the world of work.

What does success look like to you?

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