Whats the Point of my Customer Website?

Why would I want my customers to buy from my website rather than me directly?

Firstly, it's important to think of your website as something that assists your business rather than something that competes with it.  

You may have customers that want to order but don't really live that nearby, so although their orders are lovely, the packing, P&P, the trip to the post office, having the right size box etc can all be a bit of a pain.  For these type of customers, you can now simply send them to your website, and we will do all the fulfillment type stuff for you.  You still get your commission - but without any running around.


Your personalised website is the simple way for you to start your business without having to buy stocks or do events.  Most consultants love being out and about with the product and doing events, but its important to remember that a lot of people "bootstrap", they buy their products bit by bit with the profits from earlier sales - and this is a very good way to grow your business slowly, but soundly.  The website is a great way where you can start selling, get connected and established with the brand and our products, and start getting your name out there, before you've even had to buy your lot of product.  

But the products on the website aren't really what my customers want?

And this is why we have introduced a wonderful new category called "Monthly Specials" where each month we will create a brand new:

  • Disney pack - with 2x A4 Disney pictures, and all the tubes/sleeves etc that they need.
  • A 5 picture mix pack, perfect for a family sit down
  • A 10 picture mix pack, ideal for small parties, groups, and families to share
  • A 30 picture mix pack, designed for bigger groups, organisations, PTAs, childminders, churches, small business etc.

Each month your customers can come back and buy a new pack with different pictures - and remember, these orders generate commission for you, without you having to do the work,

What about the bears - do they have to buy all the bits separately?

Again, we know that how we sell to consultants doesn't fit well for how customers want to buy, so we have listed a range of consultant only bear kits that include everything needed to make 1 bear.  These kits are £22.

But delivery charges are too high - my customers won't pay that much.

This is a really interesting one, as part of all the work we did upgrading the website we talked to the leaders about how much they charged for P&P when posting out orders to customers, the cheapest amount was £3 and the highest was £7, which means that people are prepared to pay more than our standard delivery charge on the website.

However, we have introduced a lower cost economy option, at only £3.  This will be second class Royal Mail or MyHermes depending on where the customer lives etc.

It's more than just a shop!

Remember that your website is about more than just selling products.  It's also about giving your customers a place where they can find you, contact you, email you, connect with you.  As well as the shop, the website is also a booking form, your signup page, a place to get all your contact information and to start to build a relationship with you.

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